Clinical trials

At an average one Indian per day is killed by conducting clinical trials for the sake of getting patent of a new drug by foreign companies. New Delhi government has turned into an Absolutist regime. Bills are placed in Parliament and Acts are passed by MPs for the benefit of foreigners. MPs conveniently don’t find time to read these Bills or Acts. But we cannot blame these foreign companies. 

Because, our Government by taking approval from the Parliament had allowed foreign companies to kill Indians as guinea pigs. 

So, Foreign companies have mandate to kill Indians.

This is where the problem for India lies. English people have the ability to make you poke your eyes with your own fingers. 

New Delhi cares little for its people. Because, New Delhi no longer gets its strength from its people but foreign companies. Washington DC plays the flute of American manufacturers. New Delhi dances to the tune of foreign companies. So, Words like Democracy and Sovereignty written in the Preamble of our Constitution are no longer valid and hence serve no purpose.


One Mr. som replied like this to my above comment: Very well said. I don’t understand China manufactures all products that Walmart carries. Let’s say we buy the products. Why do we need Walmart? Let the likes of Reliance buy from China and have its own distribution channel. Scaling can be done as we traverse the learning curve. Let’s buy things which really matters to India like defense items and not Walmart kind of distribution channel things.

These two letters are written by me today in response to news item “2,644 died during clinical trial of drugs in 7 years: Govt to SC“, in TOI dt. 25.4.13.

It is not the question of Superiority or inferiority of Nationals. In the US also Americans as guinea pigs are available for testing their new drugs. 

Recent release of statistics on poverty in the US says that one in every six Americans are living below poverty line there. 

Drugs companies of the US do not feel any compunction to kill anyone. 

But, the Drug companies prefer Indians because Indians as ‘subjects’ are available on cheaper rate when compared to that of Americans. Not only this, legal costs in case of a dispute are exorbitant in the US. 

It is all money – Dollar, no ethics, no humanity, nothing else. So they impose trial of drugs on Indians.