Communal Harmony

Communal harmony in India emanates from its traditional spirit of accommodation. Any immigrant tribe entered into India is first accommodated then integrated into the society.

One of the Consorts of Lord Sri Venkateswara swamy of Tirupati is a Muslim woman – Bibi Nachiar. Sri Sai Baba, who was a Muslim saint,  of Shirdi is a deity made by Hindu disciples . A Muslim was instrumental in Swamy Aiyyappan’s worship. During Tughlaq times Hindu festival processions were common seen in Delhi.

Akbar’s wife was a Rajput Lady. This all happens in India because of Spirit of Accommodation of Indians to Assimilate new peoples into the society. And Hindus do not bother for the origin or birth of a Godman, who renounces worldly pleasures. Even British Christians claimed themselves as champions of Hinduism when they were here.