Democracy Hijacked by Political parties

It is apparent that Democratic norms have taken back seat at present in India for obvious reasons. Democracy Hijacked by Political parties and leaders of political Parties have been ruling the Country in an Autocratic manner. Persons occupying Offices of Government of India starting from President of India to Prime Minister, not to speak of Chief Ministers of States, have become puppets in the hands of political party bosses. (I think Anti Defection Law is the main culprit behind this sorry state affairs in Indian Democracy. It made Speakers of either Parliament or State Assemblies subservient to political party presidents in practice. Let it be.)

In the formative years, 1950s, of our Republic when there arose tussle between President of Congress Party and Prime Minister Nehru categorically stated that Prime Minister would run the Government and Party president has no business in the business of the House of Parliament and the Government of India

He said that we have adopted Westminster system of democracy in which Cabinet of Ministers are responsible to the Parliament and the President of India and hence President of Congress party has no role in the running of the Country. Disgruntled over this Acharya Kripalani the then Congress president, resigned. Now, Mr. Manmohan, present PM, says that he reports everything to his party president Mrs. Sonia. Is he our PM who must have taken oath of office and secrecy ?

As per his oath he should not divulge any information to outside persons which may affect security of the Nation. It must be noted that Mrs. Sonia being outside the Government did not take such oath and she is not supposed to know National secrets.


This post of Mrs. Sonia as UPA chairman is extra constitutional and it is eroding the dignity of India’s highest political offices like President of India and Prime Minister and putting India’s security at risk. 

If everything is decided by Sonia on behalf of Government of India then what is the necessity of offices of PM and President ?

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Governors act as link between Center and States in general. But this institution of Govornors also diluted. One party in charge person is placed in every State who is liaisoning between the States and the Center. Then what is the necessity of Governors for States ?

At constituency level also when a sitting MLA belongs to opposition party then ruling party appoints defeated MLA contestant as Constituency in charge person who practically eclipses sitting MLA. Then where is the necessity of electing a person as MLA ? By this way Parliamentary Democracy is practically replaced by unwritten partycracy, what it may be called so.