Dengue fever

It is saddening to here about death of a doctor of Dengue fever and suffering from it by more than a dozen medical students in AIIMS , Delhi . To my knowledge there are so many Allopathic doctors in India who use only Homeopathic medicines at home even though they prescribe English medicines for their patients  as a matter of profession . May be Doctors at Delhi are   ostensibly superstitious to use  only Allopathic medicines  even in the face of death. Please note that Allopathy offers no panacea to this mankind.

In the so called English or allopath medicinal system there are no specific medicine for Jaundice,  asthma and even for common cold .  
English people use a country medicine made or extracted from Carrot for the cure of Jaundice . Americans use homeopathic medicines called  Belladona or ledum for snake bites. Vicks vaporub is an Indian aurvedic preparation for cold patented in the USA !

There is a French saying that if one is not a Socialist before the age of 25 he has no heart and if one continues to be a socialist after 25 he has no head. If one pursues for his own benefit its OK

The third category seems to fit for the Indian allopath doctors who  let people  die and not suggest any other system of medicines in order to safeguard their profession. Homeopathic  medicines Belladona for Japanese encephalitis and Rhus Tox , Gelsemium for Chikun gunya are already in use in a big way in India. Why not use Homeo medicine for Dengue fever also ?