Economic doom ahead for India?

When there is no National spirit among the Establishment, Economic Reforms can lead to nowhere but ‘Doom’. Manmohan unashamedly says now , after 2 decades of so called economic reforms effected by him in India, that he is inviting FDIs and FIIs to invest in India so that he could meet ‘External Debt Servicing’. He wis Ex RBI Governer ! and Ex Bureaucrat ? Earlier it was Gun Boat diplomacy, now it is precision bombing (with One meter resolution). It must be remembered three events happened to occur before India invited Walmart to open its retail outlets. 

1.  New York times published a News item stating that Manmohan was a ‘Tragic Figure’ ( for the US ). 

2. Another  News was released ( leaked ) stating that Chidambaram does have Swiss Bank Account. 

3. Sonia Gandhi visited the US. Then New Delhi accepted entry of WALMART.  It is all Carrot and Stick policy by the English.

( Recently, I have visited an Astrologer and asked him why people are duping me when I am  already in financial distress. He simply said ‘People can kick only buckling person not an erect one’.  Indian establishment at this pace, I presume, can never see the rules of  Jungle raj in the World ). I think release of a Comment by the so called US think tank at this juncture is to chastise New Delhi to accept another proposal from the US.

Coming to the reforms. Reforms for what ? For whose benefit ? For the last nearly 25 Years Manmohan Singh is at the helm of affairs of Indian Economy or Fiscal Policy.

( These essays are written by me  in reaction to a news item in Times of India with heading ‘India headed for economic doom, prominent US thinktank says’ dt. 03.3.13.)

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It all started with signing with WTO for cut in agricultural subsidies ( so that Farmers take less interest in farming so that Highly subsidized farm produce from the US can be imported by India ) ​

and India’s acceptance of 20 Year Patent rights ( so that Indian Manufacturers are  enslaved in perpetuity by the US patent holders ). Prior to those Indian laws accept only 5 Year patent rights. And also India up to that time accepted only Process Patents.  Under Manmohan Singh Product Patents have been accepted.

Now, except our Clothing everything is imported. Who are responsible for this policy paralysis? Obviously who draft policy papers, obviously the top bureaucrats. 


! In this context I am always inclined to quote Gopala Krishna Gokhale, ‘ Bureaucracy is frankly selfish and against National aspirations’. Hundred percent relevant even after 100 Years of his saying these words.

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There seems to be some truth in the saying that India is heading towards Economic doom. FIIs and FDIs are tools more blatently replaced the earlier ADB, WB,etc., in the hands of the the West. 

Egyptian crisis and Indo china crisis are best examples of economic enslavement of a Country.

Egyptian crisis started when England claimed control of Egypt for they have invested in Suez canal shares. 

And in the case of Indo china, France and the US defended their carnage on the grounds of Economic interests there. 

It is apparent that India will prove it is no different from either Egypt or Indo China.