FDI in Retail sector

Showrie’s statement is nothing but real wish of BJP. In fact, BJP does not oppose the Economic favours being made to the US traders by Delhi. BJP’s overtures are made to mislead people. It is done because these so called economic reforms are conducted against Public Will – silencing opposition and setting aside Parliament. I believe that Even if all allies of Congress party oppose recent Economic policy announcement BJP would facilitate its passage in Parliament if put up for Voting by simply abstaining from Voting.

Let us examine who are these BJP people. BJP in fact is not a Nationalist party of India. Bharatatiya Janata Party takes its roots from two fronts. One is VirSawarkar‘s anti-Islamism to serve the then British traders and Another is “ let there be no State” philosophy of Swatantraists.

Both names BJP and Swatantra are misleading names they adopt. #Swatantra for them mean free , private enterprise and opposed the active role of the State in economic development – that is State should play the role of Night watchman – laissez faire State. And it has nothing to do with People of India that is Janata.


When Jawahar Lal Nehru succeeded to pass resolution favouring Socialistic path for development of India at Avadi ( Madras ) session of INC in 1955.

These Swatantraists called Nehru as Totalitarian and dubbed the move as “ Royal road to Communism”. And parted with the Indian National Congress.

They formed into Swatantra Party under the leadership of C Rajagopalachary, Minoo Masani , NG Ranga and KM Munshi in 1959 . Old Zamindars, Land Lords , Princes , Ex-bureaucrats flocked to the Swatantra party then. 

They opposed Non aligned movement of Nehru’s foreign policy. And urged Nehru to work for a defence alliance with the US and western Europe . 

And argued that India should form defence alliances with non – Communist countries in South Asia and Asia as a whole including Pakistan. 

Eventually , after the untimely demise of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, we find no difference between BJP and INC in policy matters.

Rajiv Gandhi made a U turn with regard to Economic and Foreign policies.

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BJP was in fact first to initiate the Nuclear during their term of Office. It is all political gimmicks. BJP wants to send a message, through the statement of Arun Showrie, to the US that it does not oppose Economic policies of New Delhi, which favour Western traders even BJP attains power at New Delhi.

Wal Mart in India

Wal Mart said to the US Senate that it spent $25 million (= Rs. 184 crores) bribing Indian establishment over four years to get entry into Indian Markets. Is it not evidence ?

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This letter was written by me in response to  a news item entitled, “Wal-Mart lobbying case ‘closed’ due to lack of evidence: Repor”, dt 18.5.13 in times of India, …..The investigation into whether Wal-Mart may have bribed Indian officials to gain wider access to the country’s market has been “closed” due to lack of evidence, a report said. Socialism and Democracy are things of the past now.

Small borrowers are put to miseries in the name of recoveries by the Banks. Even Rs. 50,000/- over dues of a loanee are reported to CIBIL, so that he is branded as defaulter and put on world wide web as a caution for Banks against the defaulter.



Even after clearing of the due amount the record is not erased and no Bank would lend him any money for life for his track record of repayment is bad. Whereas the startling revelations that every Year Banks write off Rs. 15,000 crore to big Corporates let me think that India is no longer a Socialist and Democratic country.

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  • Govt banks write off Rs 15,000 crore bad debts annually“, dt. 13.5.13. The writing off of bad debts is turning out to be a scam, with the CBI approaching the SC seeking a direction that no banks be allowed to write off debts without its approval.Times of India.