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Our Constitution recognizes Hindi Language as Official Language of the Indian Union. English Language to be continued also as Official language for some time. But it is not correct to say that Hindi language is the only National Language of India. And it should be noted that Hindi is one of the 22 National Languages recognized by Indian Constitution.

If he wants a Hindi Nation that Country can be created by joining Delhi with some parts of Western UP and some parts of Madhya Pradesh and can call it Hindisthan. Rest of India would be left as Indian Republic. 
BJP might be raking up this controversy now in order to distract people from real issues the country is subjected to. His target seems to appease Hindi Chauvinists with this move. So that their disgruntlement over Gujarati domination at New Delhi would be simmered down. But worrying factor is that BJP appears to have no botheration to how much damage it would inflict upon the Federal structure of the Indian Republic, and thence to the unity and integrity of India.

Let us know that actually the concept of one nation one language is malicious. All non-Hindi speaking peoples in India are not living without language of their own. And non Hindi speaking peoples are not like Tribals of Andaman. But each and every linguistic group in India has its own cultural heritage. And Indian States are not Rajyas of the yore.

They are democratic entities having Legislative assemblies. So no State is prepared to lose its linguistic  identity for the sake of Hindi. There are about 9 crore Telugus and 9 crore Bengalis. 7.3 crore Marathas, 5 crore Gujaratis, 5 crore Rajahsthanis, 3.80 crore Kannadigas, 7 crore Tamilians living in India.


 And the so called Hindi majority is also a hoax. Uttara Pradesh has a total population of 20 crore, Bihar has 10 crore population, Madhya Pradesh has 7.30 crore population, Haryana has 2.50 crore, Rajahsthan has a population of 6.80 crore. Hindi propagandists count all these States as Hindi speaking areas. But fact is different, all of them do not strictly speak Hindi. Hindi language is imposed on them by branding them as Hindi peoples. There are several linguistic groups which speak their own distinctive regional languages but not Hindi. Actually they cannot understand Hindi. And many Hindi speaking people cannot understand these regional languages like  . Awadhi, Maithili, Magadhi, Bhojpuri, Rajahsthani,brijbhasha, and several others. Awadhi language is spoken by 4 crores, Maithili people 3.80 crore, Bhojpuri is spoken by 5 crores, Haryanvi is spoken by 2 crores,  Magadhi people 1.40 crores. And 5 crore of 6.80 crore population of Rajahsthan speak Rajashthani not Hindi. Other languages are spoken by about 2 crore people. IN all about 23 crore people do not belong to Hindi speaking people.


We should not brush aside that all these languages are dialects of Hindi. There is so much similarity between Telugu and Kannada, and Tamil and Malayalam also look alike. Gujarati and Maratha also sound similar. Hindi as a language spoken by 40 crores is a hoax. And for that matter we are in a democracy. Democracy doesn’t mean subjugation of minorities. Modern Democracies follow the principle of equitable distribution of powers and no subjugation of one group by others.

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In fact Hindi was adopted as Official language of Indian Republic by the Constituent Assembly after Hindi won the voting with one vote majority. You know which language competed with Hindi. It is Hindustani. Not Telugu. Not Bengali.

Now India has 22 National languages. Hindi is official language of the Nation. States have their own official languages. For example, West Bengal has Bengal as official language. Punjab’s official language is Punjabi.

I think this language question can be solved forever if we can follow the example of Switzerland. And declare all the 22 national languages of the States as official languages of India.

We are living in the era of computers. There would not be much problem for India to shift into multi official languages regime.

And Telugu is most populous language in India. Telugu is spoken by 9 crore people. Telugu is understood and spoken mostly by other linguistic people living south of Vindyas in addition to Andhra and Telangana regions. Even Bihar and Bengal regions understand Telugu well. Why not Telugu be made official language of India?

And I have another suggestion, Hindi does not have its own script. It adopts Devanagari script. Telugu script is hailed as highly developed script in the world. So would proponents of Hindi agree to adoption of Telugu script for Hindi language?
Language represents the culture of a people. India is a unique country with multi linguistic and multi religion characteristics. India survived for more than 70 Years as a Nation because its constitution does not have any dogmas in terms of either Linguages or Religions. Thanks to Jawahar Lal Nehru and his ilk. So it is our bounden duty to preserve our constitution in its present form for posterity.

Now India has 22 National languages. Hindi is official language of the Nation. States have their own official languages. For example, West Bengal has Bengal as official language. Punjab’s official language is Punjabi.