Indian Muslims

History does not highlight any mass immigrations of Muslims into the sub – continent. Their blood is predominantly Indian. By and large they share the culture of the land. In the country side they mix up  with the Hindus to the extent  of undergoing head tonsure at Tirupati or having a holy dip in the Ganges. This has reference to the letter of Dr. J. A. Khan advising Muslims (IE Feb 13, 1993) not to let their learning be confined to teachings at madrasas, but to acquire knowledge from other institutions as well for progress.

Indian Muslims should realize the fact that religion does not make a Nation.

Two religions two nations theory

Lessons should be learnt from the failure of  “Two religions ( Hindu and Muslim )  – two Nations ( India and Pakistan )” theory of  the  ( Christian ) British  testified by the emergence of Bangladesh and the plight of Mohajirs ( = Muslim emigrants from UP and Bihar to Pakistan ) in Pakistan.

Muslims in India should learn to respect Mother India. Hindu masses are still not fully affected by religious fanaticism. 

​Muslims should stop further strengthening the hands of Hindu fundamentalists. 

After dispensing with the present alienating Minority status the middle and lower class Muslims can demand for inclusion of their community in the list of Backward Classes.


Muslim intellectuals should save the community from religious leaders. And the masses should shed their obscurantism. Thus said Prophet Mohammad : “Acquire knowledge, it will enable you to distinguish between right and wrong”.

advice to muslims 18.2.93
Advice to Muslims my letter in Indian Express dt 18.2.93

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