Iodized salt

Iodine deficiency

During manufacturing process Iodized salt looses vital minerals essential for human body metabolism. It is true that Iodine deficiency causes Goiter which is endemic not only in the sub Himalayan belt but also along uplands especially in River “Catchment areas”.

Generally doctors prescribe Iodine containing syrups along with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for Goiter. Irony is that doctors seldom suggest the patient to take Iodized salt. A simple suggestion on the part of doctors would save many an individual.

One must proceed with caution before effecting a ban on “Country salt”, This type of decisions would have far reaching affects on the health of the people of the country. Studies show that powdered salt, i.e., Iodized salt, loses vital.        
Apropos the editorial “To Iodize or not”(May 16,2000, Indian Express )

iodized salt 30.05.2000
iodized salt 30.05.2000