Plebiscite question is long dead as Kashmir Assembly in 1954 ratified Instrument of Accession signed by Maharajah Hari Singh. This has reference to Saeed Naqvi’s article, “The Lie across the Border” ( March  24 , 2000 ) and this letter was  written by JD in letters  to the editor of the Indian  Express on 5.5.2000 ) It is true that India has mismanaged Kashmir issue for long. Kashmir is not simply a case of Muslim  majority. Kashmiris in their totality are Indians. 

The contention of “contiguity” does not cut any ice, in fact. Since Bangladesh is contiguous with West Bengal, should India try to grab it? North West Frontier Province of Pakistan is contiguous with Afghanisthan. Should Taliban  lay claim to it?

So, Kashmir problem and Pakistan’s logic do not stand the test of International Law and conventions. Kashmir can never become part of Pakistan. Demographically #Sunnis constitute 22 per cent of population and occupy only 2 per cent of land area of the state of J&K. 


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#Plebiscite question is not only long dead but also does not stand reason. 

Nehru, on Kashmir’s Accession to India had insisted on the People of Kashmir  endorsing the act of Maharaja Hari Singh. 

Unlike other Indian States Kashmir has its own Constitution and own laws.
Accordingly the people of the state of J&K elected a Constituent Assembly in 1951. And  in 1954 the Assembly of Kashmir under the stewardship of Sher e Kashmir irrevocably ratified the signing of Instrument of Accession by the Rajah of Kashmir to India.

Plebiscite proposal was agreed upon by Nehru under the auspices of the U.N. for the state of J&K ,with the condition that  Pakistan vacates that part of  Kashmir which it occupied illegally ( PoK ) . Question of Plebiscite does not arise as long as Pakistan holds on to PoK.