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Make in India is not equal to Made in India brand. Modi must emulate Nehru and Indira to develop India. Make in India is a frank admittance of failure of India to produce any thing from within India. Make in India will make India a bystander while foreigners manufacture products of their own patents. Made in India is different. Made in India brand comes when Indians and Indian companies produce some thing with their own patents. So Make in India concept is acceptance of India’s failure to produce or manufacture on their own. So there is nothing to celebrate on this make in India concept.

The above comment was made by me in Times of India in response to a news item entitled, ” PM Narendra Modi unveils key labour reforms to end ‘inspector raj’ Looking to create an environment conducive to industrial development while also ensuring transparency in labour sector, Modi launched a host of schemes today. Times of India” 

responses to my comment are as follows:

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Look at the following statement from our PM, this has nothing to do anything with industrialization of the country.
Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi said while introducing the programme in his maiden Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort on August 15, 2014. 

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“I want to tell the people of the whole world: Come, make in India. Come and manufacture in India. Go and sell in any country of the world, but manufacture here. We have skill, talent, discipline and the desire to do something. We want to give the world an opportunity that come make in India,” The initiative was formally introduced on September 25, 2014 by Mr Modi at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, in the presence of business giants from India.

comments from several readers are given as hereunder :

Yogesh730: If Nehru and Indira would have developed India ,what was the need of make in india???
1 day ago

JP’s response to the above comment of Yogesh:  Development is nothing but coping with the needs of increasing population. Nehru did his best to feed India’s population by constructing river training projects like Dams, barrages across India. He provided us the infrastructure like Steel manufacturing units. Indira striven her best to keep India self reliant in defense arena. Either Mangalyaan or Pokhran II would not have been possible if Indira was not there. After Indira India has fallen on all fronts. Now India has become subservient country. When the then PM Chandra Sekhar sold Gold for the sake of debt repayments there was hulla bulla about the issue. But now from Manmohan to Modi PMs are selling the country – allowance of Walmart, increase in FDI in insurance, strategic alliance and the like are any indication.

“Name” has replied like this, “Accept the reality…. India is not a manufacturing superpower”. Uttam Jaiswal: Talking about FDI, FDI and make in India is better than importing, be it defense or anything else. For made in India, it is you and me who have to do something rather than the government. Government can only encourage entrepreneurs, not create them.

JP’s response to the above comment of Jaiswal:  We boast of economic reforms but do little to encourage Industrialization of the country. Industrialists are seen as traders. Government policies are not conducive for Industrial enterprise. If at all any enterprise is going on now is because of fringe benefits we get because foreign companies are given the benefit by the government. Only Industries that flourish are the companies which get zero interest capital.

Let me clear, big companies which sell shares need not pay dividend immediately. And Big companies are lent @ 5 to 6% interest rate. Whereas a small entrepreneur is charged 14 % interest by the Government owned Banks. Manufacturing costs transport costs in India are so high that we cannot compete with foreign goods. you know in China electricity is so cheap and banks lend @ 2 to 5 % interest rates. When there is economic slow down in the US interest rates are cut some times event 0.50%. Where as in India when there is economic crisis interest rates are increased. So please let us know that Indian Government acts against Indian entrepreneurs and favours foreigners instead.
1 day ago

Uttam Jaiswal: Made in India requires people innovating as well as putting in capital. Make in India would bring in the capital, which would address massive unemployment, as well as newer technologies which might trigger ideas in the minds of future entrepreneurs.
1 day ago.

JP’s response to the above comment of Jaiswal:  Make in India does not bring in technology to India. Technology would be in the hands of the foreign manufacturer only. And capital that would be brought into Indian investment sector creates little employment because high tech manufacture is not labour incentive. Moreover capital in terms of dollars is used by the Government for the purpose of debt repayments ( Balance of Payments ). It is the failure of Governments for the last two decades to strengthen Indian economy in all fronts – agriculture, industry alike.

Vivek A  replied like this, “Emulate Nehru and Indira which us brought us to this low. Come on Man!!Make IN India is a mode of transformation to gain ourselves int he manufacturing sector which has been low all throughout. I think this is the best way to move forward and more over this will give jobs to many and this is the best and expedite way to utilize the large indian workforce. God Bless You!!”

pkekade replied like this, “You have hit the perfect nail. Very True !!! But we need to understand that what ‘Made in India’ couldn’t achieve (job creation) is at-least targeted and tried to be achieved my ‘Make in India’ concept. ………… If we can’t get the whole ‘Thali’ in one go, let us try for ‘Dal-Rice’ first through different ways. Then we can device a new strategy to get the ‘Dessert’.”

kumarskanda‘s response to my comments: 

Please do not comment just for sake of comment. Make in India is in addition to Made in India thereby we also get the potential to generate incremental employment and development of local sector economies. If we launched our satellites earlier from a foreign rocket base it did not mean that one day we can do it in our soil itself. Pessimists and Negative thinkers please continue with your thinking. INDIA is moving. It has already launched Mangalyan.


Past Trade of India

Trade and Commerce of India was the Commerce of the World said thus Peter The Great of Russia about 3 centuries back. Adam Smith wrote that ‘The discovery of America and #CaperoutetoIndia’ were the two greatest and most important events in history of mankind.  And Peter the Great, of Russia exclaimed at the dawn of 18th Century, ‘The commerce of India is the commerce of the world and he who controls it is the dictator of Europe.

And in 1760 a lady in London was fined 200 Pounds for possessing an Indian made Kerchief. That was the glory and greatness of India and it’s commanding trade with the world in the past.

      Now, we must deal in business like manner without falling prey to the multi-national corporations ( MNC ). The Government must stop going in the Lemming’s way in opening Indian markets and in dealing with #Dunkel proposals.   



A comprehensive plan should be made on-our-own, appraising the probable capital and technology inflow and capital outgo due to the opening up of India. And the policy makers should first recognize the inherent potential that Indians possess. Emphasis should be to compete in global markets with  goods manufactured based on Indian technology.

Lee’s Singapore model for India!

WE shall not compare Singapore with India. Singapore is a City State with a population of 2 lakh in 1970 and now having 53 lakh. India is a 127 crore country, population wise. Singapore can be compared to some Indian city with similar population size not to India as a whole. Is writer of this news item (TOI)  suggesting India to become a Singapore like Country ? India was a free Nation from 1950 to 1984. It enjoyed freedom. 

Nehru was hailed as light of Asia by the World. Singapore is a continuing colony just like Australia or Canada. And Singapore had and has no freedom. It was under the dictatorship of Lee in turn he was a puppet in the hands of the US. It is a Naval and Air force base for the US. Perhaps India’s downfall started with the advent of Rajiv Gandhi. And BJP under Vajapayee finished the work of subjugation of India by the US.

Rest is the story – Manmohan under Sonia congress. Why Nehru bashing for India’s present failings ? Nehru left this world in 1964. Indira’s era ended abruptly in 1984. After that Rajiv took charge that turned the tables in favour of capitalism. Rajiv ended the so called License Raj. 

Rajiv centralized Indian administration by bringing in Panchayat raj act. His #AntiDefectionlaw made all MPs and MLAs puppets of rulers of Delhi. So, Indian polity was concentrated in the hands of Delhi rulers. 

Later BJP under Vajapayee came in. He had 7 years with him to transform India to make India another Singapore on earth. What he did. He has detonated Nuclear bombs made by Indira and wanted to take credit for the Bomb. And he was responsible for subjugation of India by the US as a result. He was forced to initiated the process of Indo US nuclear deal. 

Later Manmohan finished the job. Almost 30 years passed after passage of Indira and 50 year passed after Nehru. Why Nehru and Indira bashing for the failures of PMs since 1984 ? Who prevented any Ruler of Delhi to make India another Singapore after 1984 ? Economic reforms actually made a maiden beginning in 1985 during Rajiv. Reforms became hectic after 1991.

Mute Manmohan ruled India for 10 year who studied his economics in Harvard. Now meek Modi is ruling the country for almost a year. What India achieved after 1991 ? India is roaming around the world with a begging bowl. American military occupied India. Modi is touring Europe to prepare for India to Join NATO. Indian Industrial growth rate has fallen into negative figures for the last few years after stagnating for 2 decades.

Can anyone give an example of a country which neglected industrially make any progress or keep its identity among Nations of the world ? Nehru and Indira made India self sufficient in food grains, steel production, satellite making, satellite launching and so on.

What ails India after Indira ( 1984 ) is lack of Nationalism among rulers of India. Not isms.

The above comment was made by me in Times of India in response to a news item entitled,
” Singapore model can be replicated in India: Industry leaders “, dt. 21.11.2014 in Times of India. The Singapore development model can be successfully replicated in India if it do away with archaic rules like labour laws and learn to tap its existing strengths, industry leaders here believe. Times of India

bill clonton 25.8.99
Bill Clinton 25.8.99

Bill Clinton’s visit

Your editorial “Bill mange more” (Aug 21) on Bill Clinton’s visit to India is readably rhythmic. Our intellectuals take sides with their preconceived notions. They oppose or support anything according to their prejudicial convictions. To talk about Indian National interest is a belittling thing for them, because they think Globally ! They have no borders !

“America is a crazy country”. Yes, Americans are crazy about so many things food, sex, democracy, war, hegemony etc.. 

But “American President likes his country more than he likes India or any other friend”. The bilateral friendship is an extension of American self – interest.

Nothing wrong about that. 

Yes  – One , Americans love India because first India is a fabulous country, Two, India has 250 million – strong middle class to market their products. Three, the American President found new reverence towards Indians in the US. Above all, they love Indian imbroglio in Kashmir, because it serves American war industry.

In turn, such conflicts keep unemployment in the US in check. “Nothing wrong with that”, because all that serves their National interests. And “it is worth emulating”
 National interest should be cultivated first among our perverted intellectuals because our people and the establishment , may be the politicians also try to emulate them. “So whenever you deal with President Clinton, please remember this : Don’t give in fully at the first wink. He will demand more for himself and his country”.