India a Sovereign Democratic Republic

India has become a Nation State on January 26, 1950 by declaring itself as a Sovereign Democratic Republic. National thinking was perceived by Nehru and Bose well in the mid twenties itself. At that time very few dreamt of India becoming a great Nation like this. There were more than 500 Kingly principalities in existence then. And everyone was dreaming of carving out their own Kingdoms after the departure of the British from Indian Subcontinent.

Actually during 1929-30 itself, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru drafted a resolution stating that the aims of the congress were freedom of religion, right to form associations, freedom of expression of thought, equality before law for every individual without distinction of caste, colour, creed or religion, protection to regional languages and cultures, safeguarding the interests of the peasants and labour, abolition of untouchability, introduction of adult franchise, imposition of prohibition, Nationalization of industries, socialism, and establishment of a secular India.

And also all these aims were adopted in the resolution on “Fundamental Rights and Economic Policy” of the Congress party in 1931. This resolution was passed at Karachi session, under the chairmanship of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.


Nehru and others upto 1984 strived their level best to make India self sufficient and Sovereign Nation. But now it is all topsyturvydom. Presently India as a Nation is sailing as a Rudderless boat for the last two and one half decades. I think at present except our Clothing, Aluminum every good we use  is imported. Cooking Oil, Food grains, Sugar, Paper, even small Calculators, wood for our furniture, Fertilizers for Cultivation, etc., and not to speak of Computers, Aeroplanes, Heavy Machinery, Cell Phones, Motor cycles, Cars and what not ? For everything India has become eternally dependent on other countries.

India lags behind in every front. Indians, especially the Establishment, inherently lack Nationalism – not to speak of Patriotic spirit. There is apparent Social degeneration and Cultural bankruptcy in Indian Society.

India made history in the past on various counts as a fabulous Country. Entire Sea stretching from Eastern coast of India to the end of China Sea was called #Chola Lake after a Tamil – Telugu Dynasty that ruled South India one thousand years back. Indian Ocean is called after India. No other country has this credit to name an Ocean after a Country. 

Pliny, a Roman writer, complained, 2000 years back, that Roman Gold was being drained out to India for importing of Indian goods – Cloth and precious stones. 

It must be remembered that Columbus did not sail to America to discover America but to find a westward sea route to India ! 

Once upon a time, Indian trade based on goods manufactured in India controlled world trade. “Indian trade is the trade of the Europe and one who control Indian trade is the master of Europe”, declared Peter the Great ( 1672 – 1725 ) of Russia. Western Navigators called Cambodia / Vietnam as Indo-China under the illusion that they reached India. ​

And Central American Islands were called by sailors as West Indies and American Natives were called Red Indians under the illusion that they have made out their journey to India !

Cotton cloth was exported from India on a large scale by Indus Valley people 5000 years back. Perhaps, Indians were pioneers in spin cotton threads and thereby making cloth.

Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi 

Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi strived their level best to lead India out of backwardness during their regimes. Jawaharlal gave us Irrigation and  Hydel  projects and also developed heavy industries for infrastructure development.  Indira Gandhi gave us National pride by initiating self reliance Defense projects. After them, except for a brief period of Mr. P. V. Narasimha Rao, now, India lost its face internally and internationally.

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Now, it is all Topsy Turvy dom.  

Political fiasco:

Politically, after Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s regime, Indian Nation lost its prestige globally. Sovereignty of the people over Indian Republic has lost its meaning. Politically India as a Nation has become a rudder less boat. It offers little security and gives little pride to Indians abroad. That is why Indians who live in the USA call themselves as South Asians not Indians !

Cultural bankruptcy:

               Al Beruni, 1000 years back, complained that learned Indians think that they know everything on Earth AND they do not share their knowledge with others. 

                How could this happen if  Indians did not reveal their knowledge to others? Perhaps, Learned Indians revealed their knowledge to others , may be, for two reasons : One – Inducements,  Two- Threat to Life. 


Look at this: When, Vincent Arthur Smith, in his Oxford History of India proclaimed that Hindu puranas have little historical value, Indian babus exclaimed saying “Yes Yes” to Adam Smith. 

Afterwards when Purgiter claimed that Hindu puranas have abundant historical references, Our Babus pat their backs and started telling us that events told in Puranas have historical value!

Social Degeneration:

One Century back, Swami Vivekananda lamented about the fact that America at that time was well advanced scientifically and India was lagging behind.

Then, how could corpus of our literature including  Vedas, Vedangas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ithihasas – Ramyana and Maha Bharatha , Siksha, Nirukti, Ganita Sastras , were all translated  first into  Persian, then to Arabic and later to German and English ? And Swamy Vivekananda lamented that in India Upper classes are morally and physically dead. Only hope lies with the masses.