Non Aligned Movement NAM

The US statement says “India’s legacy of Non-aligned movement, NAM and commitment to a policy of “strategic autonomy” is often viewed as limiting the relationship (between India and the US)”. So US wishes India to leave its ideal of ‘strategic autonomy’. So that the US soldiers can enter into Indian Sub continent ? We must memorize Henry Kissinger’s often proved real prophecy, ” who ever makes friendship with the US would end up in the US occupation of that Country militarily”.

Non aligned Movement, NAM was formed under the aegis of Nehru, Tito of Yugoslavia and Nasar of Egypt to preserve Sovereignty of Nations. Presently no Political party in India is showing any disinclination towards US’s hegemonic  tendencies. Either BJP or Congress both are competing in the race to please and embrace friendship with the US. God save Indian Nation.

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At present US soldiers ( Troops ) stationed abroad are – 60,000 in Germany, 50,000 in Japan, 40,000 in South Korea, 40,000 in Philippines, 10,000 in the UK and so on. These figures do not include private contract armies supplied from the US. For example in Afghanistan about 1,30,000 US soldiers are officially work there. Whereas same number of private armies from the US work in Afghanistan. These countries are called satellite countries of the USA. They have no policy of their own but follow the US dictates in every front – domestic or foreign affairs. Perhaps Indian establishment is galloping towards the goal of becoming another Satellite country of the US.


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It must be noted that the US prefers BJP more rather than Congress. For BJP is the party which initiated Nuclear deal. Congress not unfavorable to the US. Rajiv Gandhi is the man who changed the gear and departed from the ideal of ‘Non aligned movement’ and swinged towards the US alignment.

Partnership with India good for US and global peace: Pentagon“, dt. 10.4.13. A top US commander has pushed for a strong strategic partnership with New Delhi, arguing that this is not only in America’s national interest, but also good for regional and global peace and stability in diplomatic language.

UN resolution on Sri Lanka

It is a big joke ! India is concerned about erosion of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty due to the ensuing UN resolution. We know well that when we look at others we cannot see our face. So one must use a mirror to look at his face ! Is India a Sovereign Nation now ? I don’t think so. Then why we should be worried about Sovereignty of other Nations ?

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New Delhi says that it will take into consideration of opinion of MPs of Tamil Nadu while taking a decision on voting on UN resolution. It is ticklish to hear such words. Why New Delhi cannot act on its own in the interest of Indians ( Tamil Nadu is part of India ).

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US draft puts India in bind over UN vote on Sri Lanka“, dt. 8.3.13. The US draft resolution against Sri Lanka could complicate New Delhi’s efforts to honour the sentiments of Tamil MPs while protecting ties with Colombo.

 Pakistan proved that it is an INDEPENDENT Nation by voting against US resolution on Sri Lanka. Bash less New Delhi Voted for the resolution even though India’s suggestions were rejected by the US. Indian Babus’ slavish mentality has no limits. Replies: Agree (6),Disagree (6),Recommend (3),Offensive

India voting against Iran on IAEA resolution

Voting by India against Iran in IAEA resolution would tarnish India’s image as a Sovereign Nation in the eyes of World community. USA’s ambassador to India suggests to India to vote against Iran in the interest of India (!) there were protests in the country over the issue and the Central Government stated that India would act independent of foreign powers. However, India, within no time followed the dictates of the ambassador of the USA – and India voted against Iran in the IAEA.

And If statements by the government of India on Iran issue and Nuclear deal with the USA in the recent past are any indication, now it seems that the ground has been set for sell out of Indian markets for Agricultural Products of the West in near future. 


Kamalnath Singh at the end of Geneva talks at #WTO issued a formal statement that India would not budge to the pressure from the USA & EU and would not allow farm imports into India to safeguard the interests of Indian farmers and also assured or contended that infant industries in India should be safeguarded against foreign companies. Kamalnath’s statement might have been issued  just to divert  the public attention from  the real issue.

It is apparent that the Indian establishment is alien to the National interests. 

All – Politicians , Parliamentarians, intellectuals, students  are  – all hoodwinked by the Government at New Delhi and as a consequence India appears to be no longer an independent Nation. 

Surprisingly print media is relegating news of such National importance to inner pages with small notes , whereas the same issues are covered in front pages in the West.

That means all parts of the establishment are in unison acting against the Indian interests and then who would bell the cat .Now it is the turn of the controversy of India ‘s nuclear deal with the USANow the issue is regarding allowing of International Agencies into our Atomic Reactors for monitoring against proliferation of Nuclear research. 

Recently Government of India declared on the floor of Parliament that India would not bifurcate Military and Power generating Reactors and would not compromise on India’s Sovereignty and security. Notwithstanding the Government’s statements in the Parliament India signed the accord with the USA agreeing for bifurcation of Military and Electric Power generating Reactors by 2014. Presently the government is busy preparing ground for International inspection of our Reactors.

Strategic alliance with the US

Strategic alliance with the US has similar implications as was with ” subsidiary alliance ” of the Indian Rajahs and Nawans reached with the British mercenaries. So Government of India under Modiji must  take necessary steps to desist from this deadly alliance with the US. I have made the following petition in to be sent to PM Modiji. And also I have posted this petition in PM’s Web site.

Petitioning Shri Narendra Modiji, Prime Minister of India through Aap ka svacha Bharat Thik hai. Aur Bharat ko svechcha bharat banaaiye, Free India of external hegemony.

Let Modi act independent of his Party diktats. Modiji should start a ” svEchcha Bharat ” campaign also to let India free of the US military incursions under the garb of ‘strategic alliance’. Strategic alliance is similar to “subsidiary alliance” of the British times. (Subsidiary alliance on paper is paid military service for British troops provided by British merchants and in practice it took away Indian rulers’ Sovereignty and British practically ruled India in the past). Same thing is going to happen now with the ‘strategic alliance’ with the US.

India loses its Freedom with ‘strategic alliance ‘ with the US. So it is time to start “svEchcha Bharat ” campaign to nip in the bud the ongoing efforts of the US to subjugate India. Shri Modiji please desist from providing Military bases for American Military on Indian soil in order to preserve India’s Sovereignty and freedom. India loses its Freedom with ‘strategic alliance ‘ with the US. So it is time to start “svEchcha Bharat ” campaign to nip in the bud the ongoing efforts of the US to subjugate India.

Shri Modiji please desist from providing Military bases for American Military on Indian soil in order to preserve India’s Sovereignty and freedom.

Just like erstwhile Indian Rajahs and Nawabs who engaged British armed retainers under ‘subsidiary alliance’ for the security of their territories Modiji by signing ‘strategic alliance with the US now relieved Indian Government of its business of looking after the Country’s security. Babus and Ministers of Governments of India now onwards would be dallying in opulence without responsibility and people would pay in terms of impoverishment, loss of freedom and if not fear of life. Let us look at history of subsidiary alliance which made India subservient to the British traders earlier. 


Subsidiary alliance with the British was first signed by Nizam of Hyderabad in 1788 and in 1799 Nizam and the British attacked Tipu Sultan of Mysore and killed Tipu. Nizam played prominent role in the Battle of Mysore. Nizam had no choice but to accept the diktats of the British and invade Mysore. It is significant to note that  Subsidiary alliance on paper said that Nizam was to pay the expenses of troops of the British ( Mostly consisted of Indian Sepoys ) stationed for the security of Nizam’s domains. 

Agreement also envisages that Nizam should not employ any other European powers ( French, Dutch, Portugese, etc., under his service for his security and also shall have no trade agreements without the consent of the British. 

These two conditions took away the ” Independence or freedom ” of Nizam forever. However, trade flourished and Presence of British troops with military machinery brought in peace and prosperity of the Elite and people as well.  

It must be noted that India and Indian goods were craze across the globe in those days. In the beginning British were humble traders. No one suspected take over of India by the British in those days.

By 1947 there were about 560 Kings and Nawabs who joined the British with Strategic alliance.  It must be noted that all these Kings and Nawabs were happy with the British hegemony. ​

But people of these principalities along with people under direct British control in India revolted against British hegemony under the leadership of London educated people.

So Modiji and BJP embracing the ” Strategic alliance ” with the US need not raise any eye brows given the attitude of the Rajahs and Nawabs of the British days. So it is the prudence and determination of the people which plays crucial role to make Modiji and Co back track from ” strategic alliance ” and desist from further subjugation of India by the US.