Nuclear tests in 1998

Pokhran II

India’s assertion of its Independence through serial Nuclear Tests in 1998 using U 233 variety as fuel at Pokhran, invited mixed reactions. We witness no sanctions against any economically powerful (or) self sufficient Country – France, US, China – in the past for the same act. Testing of our devices was  long overdue given the threat perception from our neighbors. 

During the regimes of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, the USSR restrained us from doing so. During P.V. Narisimha Rao’s time, it was economic compulsions that set aside the program .

 India has no choice but to go for Tests. Prime Minister Vajpayee’s decision to blow the trumpets from Pokharan must be hailed. 

​Now even, the Chinese media hailed India for drubbing the American spy satellites as a victory of an Asian Nation over the Western technology. And one American official exclaimed “Remember, this is the same Country that produced Pentium Chips”.  Dr. A.P.J. Kalam and his boys must be given all praise for the total indigenization of the nuclear device. India became  third Country in the World to use Thermo Nuclear Bomb, that too with U-233. 

Economic sanctions won’t stand the might of “open markets” theme of the USA. First beneficiary of the globalization of the market is none other than the USA. 


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Before globalization of economies, unemployment in the USA was more than 13 per cent now it  has come down to 4.5 per cent. American prosperity rests solely on its industry and markets for its goods globally .    Let us not get panicked  over arm twisting tactics of the US and hope the Nuclear Weapons give us security and peace through Nuclear deterrence.

Indo-US nuclear deal

Now our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh declares that no new clauses added by the American Senate / Congress to the Indo–US nuclear deal  would be accepted by the Government of India !  Is it possible ? He also assures that no compromise would be made regarding control of Indian Nuclear facilities by the US or any International authorities !

Is it possible to India to not to allow  them to check our Reactors for safe guards as the Government has already agreed to bifurcate Military and Civilian Nuclear facilities by 2014 AD  given the provisions of  the Indo US nuclear deal ?

It must be remembered that Before agreeing to the Bifurcation of Indian Nuclear  Reactors into Civilian and Military ones, our PM announced in the Parliament that no bifurcation would be agreed to by the Govt. at any cost and Indian Sovereignty would not be compromised !

Electronic media simply carry the news with smiles on the faces of news readers and Print media makes it convenient to place such news in inner pages with a few lines ! It is shameful for Indians to hear that Indian Govt. has to await decisions of American Senate to take actions affecting India’s security and Sovereignty. Whereas British parliament discusses if a dozen soldiers should be shifted form Basra to Tikrik in Iraq . 

JP letter in the Indian Express praising the Nuclear tests.
My letter in the Indian Express praising the Nuclear tests.

And Our MP s do not find time to discuss such things of National importance in the Parliament. Why can’t the government table the  threats, if any ,  in the Parliament getting from the USA – in case of non compliance of its dictates – and leave the decision to people’s representatives ? 


Is USA blackmailing the political parties ? Or is it giving inducements to the Political parties of India ?  Let us hope God would save India ! ?   

Nuclear power plants

There are about 19 Nuclear Power plants in India. About 4780 MW power is generated from these plants. These #NuclearPowerplants contribute about 3% of total power generation in the Country. Irony is that according to the projections by the Government by 2040 Power generation of about 2 % would be added to the existing electric power generation capabilities of India because of this Indo US Nuclear deal. 

More over, cost of production of Nuclear power is about Rs. 10/- per Unit and where as #Hydel power costs Rs. 1/- per Unit. And thermal power costs about Rs. 2/- per unit. Gas based power costs about Rs. 3/- per Unit. Establishment of Nuclear power plants for enhancing Power generation is  misleading. During debate in Parliament on Indo US Nuclear deal when questioned about how the Government is weighing the Pluses and Minuses of the Deal Pranab Mukherji could not give a proper reply.

He said that his BOYS are working on the issue ! That means New Delhi signed the Deal blind folded

So, signing of the deal is a kind of signing Non Proliferation treaty. 

It is disheartening to note that India’s Nuclear program is now shelved if contents of ‘ India Year Books’ are any indication.


Leftists on Nuclear Deal

If Leftist political parties, mainly CPM, do not get out of its inhibitions about rightist BJP and take proper decision in thwarting the Indo-US nuclear deal they not only leave India a puppet country in the hands of the US  but also from now onwards they eventually  dig their own ditch in Indian politics. (This letter was sent to  English and Telugu News Papers and English, Telugu, Hindi TV Channels on 21.09.07)

Mao asked leaders to  ‘learn from the masses then teach them’. Whereas Indian communists always  try to teach without learning from the masses – this is the basic reason why Communists fail in India.

If left pay any heed to what #MaoTseTung said to the ‘Communists’ they would have been ruling the country for the last half century. For India is the only country  in the world to elect a Communist government ( Kerala ) through the ballot .

The left are blind to the public opinion and thinks that people are not mature enough to understand about such a big issue  like Indo US nuclear deal. But, they fail to realize that even a street corner boy would perceive what is happening to the Indian Sovereignty if the deal is Okeyed by the Parliament. 

LEFT’s fears about resurgence of Communalism in India through BJP are not unfounded in the past, but not now.  Even though the BJP stands for Hindu rashtra it is currently paying  lip service to the Hindu cause. The stand of BJP vis a vis Communalism has transformed a lot after BJP under NDA enjoyed Power at Centre recently.  They have matured enough in Indian politics so much so that they have  nominated a Muslim ( Abdul Kalam Azad ) as President of India.

As they do not get necessary support from the public in their struggle against the Left  they are mustering external support  through the USA. 

They think that the US hand is God sent

The price in return for the US help they pay is Indian Sovereignty.