Origins of Andhra people

Historically, Andhras, the Telugu speaking people, were mentioned along with Pulindas in the Devanampiya Emperor Asoka’s Edicts which are 2500 Years old. Till finding of Satavahana coins in places like Kondapur ( Near Warangal ) and Kotilingala with names such as Sadvahana/Srimukha written on them it was believed that Andhras’ original place was in Western Maharashtra and they shifted later to present day Andhra Pradesh,  mainly the land between Rivers Godavari and Krishna. 

Now it is well laid that Andhras had vast empire stretching from Nasik in Maharashtra to Srikakulam near Bay of Bengal at the Mouth of River Krishna even during the days of Pushya mitra Sunga of Pataliputra ( Patna ).

Yajna Sri Satakarni, of Andhra Satavahana clan, claimed that his horses drank waters of all three seas ,i.e., Indian Ocean in South, Bay of Bengal in East and Arabian sea in the West. 

Roman writer Pliny lamented that Gold is drained out of Rome for the sake of imports from India during the Glorious Satavahana days. Roman gold coins of this time are found at numerous places in Andhra/Karnataka/Maharashtra areas , Even in Eluru in East Coast. Yajna Sri Satakarni built a Mahachaitya at Sriparvata for the benefit of Acharya Nagarjuna .

Soonya vadam and Rasa vadam of Buddhist philosophy of  Achaya Nagarjuna were developed in Telugu land only. 

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Suhrullekha was written in Sanskrit by Acharya Nagarjuna during Satavahana period . 

Formal Hindu religion was practised by Satavahana people. As is today, the society is both Patrilineal and Matrilineal. 

Kings used their Mother’s name to prefix their names/tittles. Whereas Kingship was inherited by Male line only! 

It may be noted that as Hyuantsang  tells ,  during his late years Acharya Nagarjuna lived under the stewardship of Satavahana kings. Taranath of Tibet tells us that Achaya Nagarjuna lived in Sriparvata which is believed to be Amaravati  ( Guntur ).

Epigraphic evidence on Southern Gate ( Toranam ) of Sanchi Stupa reveals a Fact that the South and West side Toranas of Sanchi Stupa were carved and  erected by Sculptors under the head man ship of Ananda who worked under King Sri Satakarni of Andhra Satavahanas , 2000 years back. It is evident that pictures of Ajanta Caves ( Nos  9 and 10 ) in Maharashtra  are replicas of Amaravati Sculptures.


Language during Satavahana period was either Prakruta or Desi or Sanskrit. Desi is thought to be precursor of Telugu language.

Andhra King Pulamavi  had overpowered Susarma ( of Kanva dynasty ) and Andhras  have ruled over Patna ( Pataliputra of Magadha rajya ) for Ten Years about 2000 years back. 

Gowtamiputra  Satakarni defeated and eliminated Nahapana of Western Kshatrapa  ( Gujarat and Maharashtra ) about 1900 years back.  

Buddhism in Andhra

Incarnatioin of Buddha as a God took place   in Nagarjuna Konda.  Digha Nikaya and Madhyama Nikaya were chanted by Buddhists just like slokas of Vedas. Praying to Buddha by Hinayana sect by building Stupas was initiated in Andhra Land only during Ikshvaku era, 1700 years back
If the demand for separate Telangana State (to be carved out of the State of  Andhra Pradesh)  is conceded that will be the beginning of the End of Indian Union. Formation of Telangana out of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh would disturb the very fabric of delicate federalism of Indian Union achieved and established  by the makers of the modern  Indian Republic.