Pesticides in Soft drinks

Soft drinks majors have issued Paper notifications specifying  various contents of pesticides and their proportions in Soft drinks they sell in India.  ( This letter was e mailed to many a TV channel / News paper on  26.8.06 ). In 2003 Counsels of Pepsi and Coca-cola have agreed  in the Supreme court that Pesticides do exist in their soft drinks . Then SC asked them to notify Toxic contents on the bottles. Then Government intervened and accepted the fact that Soft drinks they sell contain pesticides. They even claim that  vegetables and ground water do carry pesticides in India. 

Once again Govt came to the rescue of the foreign companies declaring that methods adopted in CSEs analyses  are questionable ! Why  Media sees no news in it ?

             Our neighbor China is surging ahead beyond the world’s  imagination. It has banned recently telecast of foreign cartoon films on Chinese  TVs to safe guard domestic cartoon industry.

Why ? in their National interest. Pakistanis support Military  government there , why ? Their Military government serves Pakistani National interests. 

 It is apparent that  Indian  government lost self confidence on India’s self reliance in every aspect and simply following dictates of  the US and eagerly drifting towards Neo Slavery of Indian Nation.  

                It is time for the media and the Partiotic people to awake from their deep slumber and educate people of the on- goings at Delhi in order to refrain.