Sri Lanka and IPKF

Apropos Mani Shankar Aiyar’s article on Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict. He states that the present Lanka strife is a fallout of stupid withdrawal of IPKF from Sri Lanka before devolution (of powers) was completed. True. However the pullout of Indian forces was due to growing anti – India feelings at that time among both the Parties i.e., Tamils and Sri Lankans.

As there was ambiguity in the goal of the IPKF mission India not only lost men but also the edge it had in deciding as a big brother in the region.

 Ground realities should not be ignored by our policy makers at New Delhi . The problem has its roots in disempowerment of the Tamil minority by the Simhala majority. 

Earlier , Tamils had dominated every field from bureaucracy to business. Thanks to Simhala Nationalism that all challenged. In order to subjugate Tamils for ever Simahlese adopted the Unitary form of Government.

Out of power and denied a share in it, Tamils are trying to vivisect the Island.

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​Facts are facts independent of one’s observation. No autonomy would satisfy LTTE leadership but Eelam. Autonomy would be opposed by the Simhalese. The only solution to the  island’s problem is sharing of power. This could be achieved only through Parliamentary system of democracy.