Swatantra party

WE have to get into terms with BJP/RSS philosophy with its Swatantra Party moorings. We have to remember that BJP’s predecessors contributed to the flocks of Moderates in Congress of British times, Janasangh, then in 1959 they formed as Swatantraists. 

These Swatantraists did not wanted Complete freedom from the British. They wanted Dominio Status under Commenwealth similar to the position of Canada and Australia. Swatantraists detest Nehru, Subhash and Gandhi because these leaders steered India to Freedom. So BJP is in principle anti India party. They actually do not want political power to be in their hands but enjoy being pressure groups. With their anti India agenda they never dreamt of becoming a ruling power in Delhi, but Modi. 

They used Modi just like Vajapayee. After occupying Delhi BJP started dismantling everything what India achieved as Sovereign power during Nehru and Indira eras. BJP started its work by handing over Insurance sector to the US. In response to Obama’s jibe on religious intolerance Modi met Christian clergy and hugged them. India and Indians are placed at the mercy of Christian missionaries.


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Obama came down to Delhi get OK for continuance of US troops on Indian soil in the name of Strategic alliance for another ten years. Foreign troops stationed on Indian soil ?! The proposition which is unthinkable in Nehru and Indira times, and unbelievable even for many now is a reality. 

Now BJP is intent on amending Land acquisition act so that land losing farmers have no right to deny the acquisition. 

During Republic day celebrations BJP hoardings removed words “ Social and Secular “ from the preamble of our constitution. This may be done to see public reaction to the changes which may be brought to the preamble by the BJP. Now in a similar fashion POK must have been shown as Pak territory. So there is no wonder in this. BJP is there to destroy India and all these works are a prelude to grand collapse of India just like Russia in times to come.



The above letter was written by me in response to a news item, 
” RSS mouthpiece shows PoK as Pak territory; Govt to probe“, dt. 13.3.15. The publication of a map in RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’ depicting a part of Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan, today evoked consternation in Rajya Sabha, with the Opposition asking whether the government approved it.Times of India